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"Stand out from the crowd, be yourself." 


i like to use exclamation marks because they cover up the fact that i am dead inside!!!!

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"All Wrong" - The Story So Far (Vans Warped ‘14)

I want to love you without walls
around this rattling birdcage heart
but I can’t stop the thought that

even though you’ve said you are
strong enough to last the storms, that
you enjoy the wild of my sea

one of these days you’ll murmur
“i love you”
and it will be the last time
you say those words
to me.

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I go MIA on people sometimes and I don’t mean it out of spite… I’m just focusing on myself, what I’m doing, and what’s my next move.

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the worst feeling in the world is to know you were used and lied to by someone you trusted

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I’m just so damn confused about everything. I feel so fucked up, again. I thought I finally had everything figured out, it was all so clear to me and now its just all fucked up again. I can’t shut off my mind, my thoughts, I’m just drowning in them. I’m craving that happiness again, how I felt before everything. Part of me feels I’ll get there but the rest of me is so unsure if I’ll ever feel that way again and it hurts so much.


Crying and listening to Brand New, hbu



no mom i already have a job its called being hardcore

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I’m just… numb.